Hi, I'm Ashleigh! Just call me Ash. I'm a frugal fashionista and I'm stuck in a strict dress-code 9-5. Stick around and you'll see what I'm wearing when I'm not in uniform. Come see how you can dress chic on the cheap, and maybe hear a bit about my day-to-day life, my kids, and also my cat, kitten and puppy too. Thanks for stopping by!

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Perfect Autumn Additions

The great thing about autumn  is that the skirts and dresses that I've been wearing all summer can easily transition into the new season with just a pair of tights and a cardigan. Not only will you look cute with minimal effort, you’ll have another excuse to shop the summer sales!

Here are my picks for bringing a bit of warmth into your wardrobe:

Let’s start by picking out our dress! Macy’s has a ton of cute dresses on sale right now, so here are a couple of fun ones:

The best way to keep a versatile wardrobe is to embrace layers! A cute denim jacket and a blazer are two easy and classic ways to wear layers. Here are my top two picks from One Stop Plus:

Don’t be afraid to get a little loud with your tights. Here are two funky pairs from Modcloth that’ll look great paired up with the cream colored dress from earlier:

How do you transition your summer pieces to fall?

More Flannel

Hello again! I'm back with more flannel! What can I say, it's soft, warm, and the trend of the season is 90s plaid flannels!
I paired my flannel shirt with a black tee, ultra flared jeans, black ankle boots, and a zebra striped bag. (That I carry WAY too much in.)

 Please excuse my wet hair and crummy photos. The DSLR is still out getting fixed. Welcome to the world of point-and-shoots. (At least my 90s inspired make up is on point.)

Have you bought any flannel yet? Do you love or hate this 90s throwback trend?

Earrings: Old, from Forever 21, these are pretty.
Kentucky State Necklace: Fairly close match.
Flannel: Target, similar.
Tee-Shirt: From JCP
Jeans: Alloy.com exact.
Booties: Thrifted.
Bag: Michael Kors, fabulous option.

Tai Inspired Grungy Fall Look

I'm not gonna be all "HEY GUYS I'M BACK!" Every time I take a brief hiatus. I have no photographer and a work schedule that sucks, and since I wear all-black to work, blog pics are few and far between. No one wants to see my work clothes, it's depressing. Also, my Canon is going away to be fixed after this blog post, I don't know how long it will take but I do have a point and shoot. Hey, maybe I'll post more because anyone can use that thing!
Today's look was 90s inspired, as well as a fall and back to school inspired. It was mostly inspired from the scene in Clueless where Cher first notices Tai, specifically Tai's ensemble. (annnnnnnd she gets made over after that, but GRUNGE IS IN and I just watched Brittany Murphy's lifetime movie about her life and death, SO.)
You cannot see but she is wearing ripped jeans as well as a graphic or band tee and a flannel.
My version:


 I realized when I'm inspired, I will get REALLY carried away with a theme and end up looking like I'm in costume. I had ankle boots and a hat as well as a back pack purse, but I decided against them.
I chose the loafers, necklaces, and satchel to make this a little more grown up,  more 2014, than it would have been with the aforementioned accessories.

My tips for creating a fall look when it's still 70 degrees and upwards?
  • Wear fall colors! Nothing say autumn like berry or deep red lips and nails, as well as other hues such as amethyst, cobalt, and hunter green.
  • Add in season appropriate texture! Flannel, leather, suede, knits, they're all fall but can be hot. Notice I'm wearing my flannel tied around myself? It's 90s AND weather appropriate. add texture via your accessories, you won't melt!
  • Switch out your shoes. Flats are for Spring. Sandals are for Summer. Loafers and Boots are for Fall! (Don't take that to heart, wear whatever you like year-round, but it certainly helps you feel autumnal.)
  • Go Dark. If you have light hair, add some low lights. I did and I will be adding more!
Is it fall where you live yet?
Tee: Barnes and Noble
Flannel: Thrifted NWT Mossimo Men's flannel from Goodwill 
(It's really big and I can't wait to wear it as a tunic with a belt and leggings and riding boots!)
Jeans: Target Mossimo Boyfriend Jeans
Loafers: Target Merona Loafers
Necklaces: Stella and Dot
Watch: Disney 
Bag: Piperlime 

Copy Cat: Old Navy Cargo Vest with a T-shirt and Shorts

Today's OOTD is a copy cat look. I spied this on Lauren of Fizz and Frosting today and was like "Aw, cute!" I was already wearing this tee shirt and jean shorts, and I just took the added step of finding my cargo vest and poppin it on. Easy. 
Now I'm not a totally adorably preggo 20-something (thank goodness. I'm too old for that.) But I think I did this justice. I wore my cargo vest with a pink tee, denim shorts, beaded sandals, a striped straw tote, and blue beaded jewelry. 
I'll tell you something else, I almost didn't post these photos. I also considered photo-shopping them, and aside from occasional teeth whitening, I've never done that. I just hate my legs. I'm fine below the knee, but my thighs, UGH. Then, I saw a funny meme on Facebook that said "My thighs are so sexy they can't stop touching each other!" I posted it on instagram and so many people responded! I'm not the only thigh-conscious girl out there. It made me feel better, so here are my white, white, white, white, thick legs for your viewing pleasure.

         I love these earrings!

Do you ever have those moments like I did today?

Tee Shirt: JCP
Cargo Vest: Same and on sale!
Beaded Sandals: Simple and Cute
Earrings: The City Flea
Necklace: Same
Bracelets: Made by me!
Bag: Forever 21. Cannot find it online anymore :(

Forever 21 Maxi with a T-Shirt

I am elated. I adore this skirt! The colors, the silky texture, the...swishyness. It has many gorgeous colors but I paired it with a very old black tee from Target and played up the blue with this spiked necklace. Don't forget to check out the shoes! I mean, let's face it, forever 21 doesn't always carry items that fit me, but THIS! This skirt is perfection.

The shoes are great too. Another Forever 21 buy, the reviews said they run small but I got my regular size and they're fine. Can we talk about how comfortable that six inch cork heel is? Plus, the ankle strap and narrow peep toe keep my feet from sliding around. I hope thick heels stick around. They are majorly comfy.

Tee-Shirt: Similar, mine was borrowed from Elise and never returned 8 years ago.
Sequin Bag: Thrifted via Goodwill
I promise this wasn't a Forever 21 sponsored post! Usually I try to incorporate more thrifted items but sometimes when you get your new things in the mail you want to wear them all at once! I've actually had the necklace for two weeks and the earrings since February. It's just their first time on the blog.
I wear what makes me happy :) and I am VERY happy right now.

Fancy (Jogger) Pants

I have been on the jogger pants bandwagon for quite some time, however since I'm not a good blogger they've only been documented on instagram. I own three pairs of joggers, these, leopard and giraffe print ones. They are so silky and loose but the tapered leg looks great with heels. They are perfect on muggy days because they float around your body rather than cling.
I paired mine with a thrifted J.Crew tank, H&M coral clutch, gold tassal necklace, pointy toe gold flats, and coral lips and nails. I went old school. MY nails, my lips, and my bag alllllllllll match.
P.S. Miss London took my photos.I think she did a good job!

And guess who made an appearance in my photos? Miss Zoey!

Now for the news. If you follow my instagram, you would know I have a new puppy!

His name is Parker. George and Zoey are unsure about him, and Rain is SUPER excited, but I'm in LOVE. He's some kind of Shepherd mix.
 What's new with you? Puppies? Jogger pants? Discuss.

Top: Thrifted, J.Crew via Goodwill
Pants: Gift from Jessica
Shoes: Dots
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Clutch: H & M