Hi, I'm Ashleigh! Just call me Ash. I'm a frugal fashionista with a very relaxed dress code at work, so I am all about "real wear" #ootd's. Come see how you can dress chic on the cheap, and maybe hear a bit about my day-to-day life, my kids, Lou and Logo, also my cats, Zoey and George, and my dogs, Rain and Parker. Thanks for stopping by!





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Long time, no blog

Hello everyone! I miss you. I miss blogging and my bloggy friends.
My life was completely turned upside down the last few months. Let me explain.

I'm now single. The ex and I gave it all we had but 11 years and two kids and even the huge amount of love we have for each other couldn't help us reconcile our differences. I do still love him. I just hate living with him. We are night and day. We are trying living apart to see how it goes.

When we decided to split on December I started the hunt for new digs. All the free time I had (time I used to spend blogging) was focused on finding some where that had enough space for four (now three) pets plus me and two kids. Pet friendly rentals are hard to come by in my area and price range. It got down to the wire but I finally found THE ONE. The kids are doing fine and love our new 1920s duplex rental. It's all original and gorgeous and the vintage lover in me adores it. George (the cat) misses his Daddy terribly but he comes to see him frequently so it'll be okay. After that was the actual packing, moving, and unpacking. I've been at the new place two weeks. 
My small dog, Rain ran away in January :(
My puppy, Parker is now a 9 month old 71 pound behemoth.
The new job is going well. It's fun and easy. Sometimes too easy. I'm still trying to figure out fashion there. No one cares about it except me. People show up in sweats! I'm trying really hard to figure out how to fit in and still be me. Casual glam is harder than it sounds.
My baby brother just got married and I was all tied up in wedding planning the last few months.
My best friend have me a months notice that she was getting married and having a baby! That wedding is in two weeks.
So that's why I've been away. How has everyone else been?

Style My Christmas (I need a little help)

Hello loves! I have a little dilemma. I know I want to wear my Love Alana Designs champagne sequin maxi skirt 

for my MIL's annual Christmas Eve party. However, I'm at a loss on how to style it. I've worn it once to a play and I went edgy, wearing it with a faux-leather tee and open-toe booties and a chunky chain necklace. I don't think faux leather is very Christmas-y, so help me style this! What would YOU pair it with? I need a top and shoe options, and perhaps scarf or necklaces or any other accessory you can think of. I am already going overboard with just the skirt, as most of the other attendees wear nice tops with jeans or sweater dresses and leggings. I don't want to be super over-the-top but all suggestions are welcome. (Links to things are especially welcome!)

Thanks so much!


Lazy Dressing

I am cold. And bored. The white death is upon us. What is a girl to do? I have been stuck inside since Sunday, now it's Tuesday. The roads are fine now. I want to go out and go shopping! But I have a dilemma...I don't want to get dressed. Solution? I didn't.
Okay, I did, but it's an illusion. 
I just threw my eShakti trench over the pajama top and jeans I was already wearing, added a necklace and wedge booties that were right in front of my nose, and carried the same bag I've been carrying all week, Viola, I am dressed in 2 minutes, I look sane and not like I'm in pajamas in winter lol.

 If you're wondering, I was already made up, my ipsy bag came in the mail and I let my 8 year old, London, do my makeup. She's pretty good, isn't she?  :) We learn from youtube videos. I did the lips with the JCat Beauty lip tar wannabe that came in my bag. I don't know if I like it, but I like the color.

Trench Coat: c/o eShakti (old)
Top: Pajamas, gift from one of the guests at the hotel.
Jeans: Merona Boyfriend Jeans from Target
Wedge Heel Booties: FREE from K MArt
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Bag: Michael Kors

My New, All-Natural, Organic Skin Care Routine!

I am a beauty addict. When it comes to new beauty trends, I am the first one to try them. Like when Shailene Woodley mentioned eating clay to help balance and detoxify her body, I jumped right on that. Oil-pulling (swilling coconut oil around your mouth for 20 minutes a day) I STILL do that. (Though admittedly it's just routine now. It makes my mouth feel cleaner but the whitening benefits have plateaued.)
There was actually a point last year that I tried coconut oil for everything. Hair moisturizer, facial moisturizer, teeth whitener, natural deodorant, all that. However, my skin doesn't like coconut oil. It gave me little, underneath-the-skin white bumps. I've still not gotten rid of some of them near my mouth :( So I started looking into other natural beauty solutions online and there are tons!
Here's what I've been doing lately:


I use rose hip seed oil to oil-cleanse my face. You simply swipe the oil all over your face and let it set for a minute. Then you go back and completely wipe it off with a cotton pad or soft cloth. It pulls out debris, dirt, makeup, black heads. It may seem odd do use oil to cleanse, but it's GOOD oil. It has properties such as vitamin C and lycopen, which rejuvenate skin. (the first time I did this was after I washed my face with my regular cleanser and it got off SO much makeup! After I had already washed my face!)


I use a basic honey and sugar scrub to slough off all my dead skin cells. Be sure to get all-natural, certified organic honey! just mix it together to form a paste and rub in small circles on the face, lips, and neck to brighten, tone, and get rid of your dead skin cells! DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR EYE AREA.


I use Moroccan rose water as a toner. I pour it on a cotton pad and give my face and neck a thorough wipe-down, focusing on where I get the oiliest, really saturating my face. Afterwards I pat it dry.
Rose water can benefit all skin types. It soothes and cools, balances and dries oily skin, rejuvenates, softens, revitalizes and adds a lovely, natural glow. Rose water also has a myriad of vitamins and antioxidants, so it helps nourish and it is a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial properties. And you only need a bit to saturate your face! 


It took a bit for me to find an all-natural oil that didn't irritate my skin, like the coconut oil (which I still love and use, just not on my face!) I ended up with trying a sweet almond oil and avocado oil, and I like them both so much, now I mix them together. I just apply them like a regular moisturizer all over with my finger tips to my face, lips, eye lids, under eye area, and neck. Both are infused with lots of vitamins (a, b, c, d, e, and k) and really nourish my skin. I find, after applying my makeup that I don;t even need foundation anymore, and when I wear it over these two oils it gives my foundation a wonderful luminescence!  An added benefit? Sweet almond oil smells AMAZING! I get asked all the time what I'm wearing and I'm like...Um you're smelling the oil I use to moisturize my face.


After I cleanse and tone, I just slather on liquid form vitamin E on my face. It's great for your skin! However, it is sticky and thiiiiiiiick. Thicker in consistency than honey. Pull ALL your hair back if you do this, you do not want to have to wash that out! And sleep on your back or your pillow will get all the benefits of this nutrient and not your skin. This is messy and annoying so I actually only do it every couple of days.

If you are interested in trying to go all natural with your skin care regimen I have a few suggestions. 
1. Do a test patch! Just because it's all-natural and organic, doesn't mean YOUR face will like it! Avoid a bad reaction all over your face and do a small test patch on your jaw where your hair can hide it if your skin doesn't like it.
2. Unless otherwise stated, store your items in a dry, room temp space away from sunlight. They will keep longer this way.
3. Purchase a bunch of spay bottles. Or use a scoop or pour your things into a small container when you're preparing to use them. This way, you aren't contaminating your products with your dirty hands.
4. Drink lots of water. Hydrated skin is happy skin, and good skin begins with what you're putting into your body!
I bought most of these items at the grocery store, but if your grocery store doesn't carry them, try amazon.
That's what I've been doing to attain a glowing, mostly blemish-free complexion lately! What do you think? Will you give it a go?

A Million Things

You know, life can get in the way of things you love. Like blogging, I have a new job, plus I'm part time at my old job, two kids, a Hubby, two dogs, two cats. Too much family to numerate. A house to pack up and move (yay!) There are a million reasons not to blog, namely that my DSLR was stolen. 
But now I have two new reason to blog. I have a new camera that my 8 year old can even use on days without a photographer, and my blog was selected for our local news program WCPO's The Grid Blogger Network as a featured blog. A requirement? I have to be actively blogging. Glad to be back folks!
Onto the outfit, I am pretty much living in plaid flannel. With jeans tucked into boots, over leggings with wedge booties, open over thin sweaters. It's warm, it's on trend, and there is an abundance of it in my closet, in stores, and better yet, in thrift stores. 
I've also been considering adding a beauty element to this blog. My most liked IG photos by far are my makeup #motd posts, and I feel like I am getting quite good at doing makeup. I recently learned to curl my hair (I know, I'm almost 30. About damn  time.) 
I've also been experimenting with natural beauty and skin care. I've been toning my face with rose water, oil cleansing with coconut oil, and moisturizing with sweet almond and avocado oils. My face smells amazing! It did react a bit to the new regimen but it's under control now and I must say the texture is great and my break outs are minimal. Anyone interested in that kind of thing?

Flannel: Gap Outler, last year
Orange Sweater: Loft, thrifted at Goodwill
Jeans: Target
Boots: Kmart and they were FREE and if you ask I will tell you how I got 2 pairs of boots free, because it's brilliant.
KY state initial necklace: Etsy
Bag: Michael Kors, swapped.

Perfect Autumn Additions

The great thing about autumn  is that the skirts and dresses that I've been wearing all summer can easily transition into the new season with just a pair of tights and a cardigan. Not only will you look cute with minimal effort, you’ll have another excuse to shop the summer sales!

Here are my picks for bringing a bit of warmth into your wardrobe:

Let’s start by picking out our dress! Macy’s has a ton of cute dresses on sale right now, so here are a couple of fun ones:

The best way to keep a versatile wardrobe is to embrace layers! A cute denim jacket and a blazer are two easy and classic ways to wear layers. Here are my top two picks from One Stop Plus:

Don’t be afraid to get a little loud with your tights. Here are two funky pairs from Modcloth that’ll look great paired up with the cream colored dress from earlier:

How do you transition your summer pieces to fall?

More Flannel

Hello again! I'm back with more flannel! What can I say, it's soft, warm, and the trend of the season is 90s plaid flannels!
I paired my flannel shirt with a black tee, ultra flared jeans, black ankle boots, and a zebra striped bag. (That I carry WAY too much in.)

 Please excuse my wet hair and crummy photos. The DSLR is still out getting fixed. Welcome to the world of point-and-shoots. (At least my 90s inspired make up is on point.)

Have you bought any flannel yet? Do you love or hate this 90s throwback trend?

Earrings: Old, from Forever 21, these are pretty.
Kentucky State Necklace: Fairly close match.
Flannel: Target, similar.
Tee-Shirt: From JCP
Jeans: Alloy.com exact.
Booties: Thrifted.
Bag: Michael Kors, fabulous option.