Hi, I'm Ashleigh! Just call me Ash. I'm a frugal fashionista and I'm stuck in a strict dress-code 9-5. Stick around and you'll see what I'm wearing when I'm not in uniform. Come see how you can dress chic on the cheap, and maybe hear a bit about my day-to-day life, my kids, and also my cat, kitten and puppy too. Thanks for stopping by!

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Forever 21 Maxi with a T-Shirt

I am elated. I adore this skirt! The colors, the silky texture, the...swishyness. It has many gorgeous colors but I paired it with a very old black tee from Target and played up the blue with this spiked necklace. Don't forget to check out the shoes! I mean, let's face it, forever 21 doesn't always carry items that fit me, but THIS! This skirt is perfection.

The shoes are great too. Another Forever 21 buy, the reviews said they run small but I got my regular size and they're fine. Can we talk about how comfortable that six inch cork heel is? Plus, the ankle strap and narrow peep toe keep my feet from sliding around. I hope thick heels stick around. They are majorly comfy.

Tee-Shirt: Similar, mine was borrowed from Elise and never returned 8 years ago.
Sequin Bag: Thrifted via Goodwill
I promise this wasn't a Forever 21 sponsored post! Usually I try to incorporate more thrifted items but sometimes when you get your new things in the mail you want to wear them all at once! I've actually had the necklace for two weeks and the earrings since February. It's just their first time on the blog.
I wear what makes me happy :) and I am VERY happy right now.

Fancy (Jogger) Pants

I have been on the jogger pants bandwagon for quite some time, however since I'm not a good blogger they've only been documented on instagram. I own three pairs of joggers, these, leopard and giraffe print ones. They are so silky and loose but the tapered leg looks great with heels. They are perfect on muggy days because they float around your body rather than cling.
I paired mine with a thrifted J.Crew tank, H&M coral clutch, gold tassal necklace, pointy toe gold flats, and coral lips and nails. I went old school. MY nails, my lips, and my bag alllllllllll match.
P.S. Miss London took my photos.I think she did a good job!

And guess who made an appearance in my photos? Miss Zoey!

Now for the news. If you follow my instagram, you would know I have a new puppy!

His name is Parker. George and Zoey are unsure about him, and Rain is SUPER excited, but I'm in LOVE. He's some kind of Shepherd mix.
 What's new with you? Puppies? Jogger pants? Discuss.

Top: Thrifted, J.Crew via Goodwill
Pants: Gift from Jessica
Shoes: Dots
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Clutch: H & M

The two things I've been living in this summer AND the winner of my giveaway!

Two things: One, I really suck at this Blogger thing! Sorry. I don't have AC, we live in a historic home in a historic neighborhood, and not only are window units costly, they are not historically accurate. When I get home from work I'm so hot I want to melt into a puddle and not have skin or bones. I wear the least amount of clothing possible. Ya'll don't wanna see that! And Two, Congrats to the winner of my Lorac Pro Give Away: Lauren of Fizz and Frosting! Lauren, I hope you have received your goodies and that you love them as much as I do!
Onto the outfit:
This dress is actually from last year and it used to look like this:
I shortened the high-low hem into one, even above the knee hem! I just wasn't feeling the train anymore, but I loved the color of the dress. (You can see the original post here.) I wore the dress to a wedding last year, and thought it was dress-y. To make it more casual I added the two pieces I've been living in this summer, my denim thrifted denim vest (it was a jacket that I scored for $3. I have enough denim jackets so I cut off the sleeves at the hem and viola: vest) AND my brown mini wedge sandals.

I think adding these two pieces make anything more casual and summery. I can always add black strappy heels, put up my hair, and wear statement earrings to dress it back up. 

What have you been living in this summer?
Vest: Thrifted Old Navy via Goodwill, formerly a jacket and DIY'd by me
Dress: Dots 2013
Mini Wedges: Catos
Necklace: Made by me
Bracelets: Made by me


I was going to do a whole, huge eye shadow palette review and giveaway. I have every major permanent palette out there, from the UD Naked palettes to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. By far, hands down, the Lorac Pro Palette tops them all!
The Lorac Pro Palette is smooth, creamy, pigmented color. It blends like a dream, it lasts all day! MY only criticisms are minimal. I don't like the packaging. Other than that it is my go-to eye shadow palette!
And now it can be yours as well! I'm giving away one Lorac Pro OR Lorac Pro 2 (released later this month) to one lucky reader!
To qualify for this giveaway you must do the following:
Follow Me On Instagram
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and leave a blog post comment letting me know what name you follow under (If you do not have a blog I will need your email address to contact you if you win) and what your go-to eye look is! What's your favorite eye shadow palette? Let me know!

Please know that I am not affiliated with Lorac. I am hosting this giveaway on my own, everything paid for with my own money. I just want to share the love of my favorite make up palette! This giveaway is closed one week from the date of this blogpost. I will contact the winner via email on 6/25/2014. You will receive your palette from Ulta.com using standard shipping. I just double checked, and ulta does not offer international shipping, so this giveaway is not open internationally.
This Give Away Is Now Closed.

The New and Improved Striped Old Navy Skirt!

After a brief hiatus I'm back and my skirt has been shortened!
Do you remember my striped ON skirt that I've worn a few times here and here? I was always on the fence about shortening it. When I had to have it taken in after the illness last year caused me to lose weight I decided to just shorten it too. I really, really love it now! Take a look.
I think the new length makes it younger and fresher, though my Mom still calls it the old lady skirt. I paired it with a thrifted navy J.Crew silk tank (That is VERY linty, sorry) thrifted Banana Republic wedges (NWT) my pink Kate Spade bag, a gold belt, my Target bangle, and my blingy necklace!

Do you like the shorter length?
Top: J.Crew, thrifted via Goodwill
Skirt: Old Navy, very old
Wedges: Banana Republic, Thrifted NWT via Goodwill
Bag: Kate Spade
Ncklace: Stella and Dot
Bracelet: Target
Belt: Dots

An outfit from errors

 Error #1: When I saw Jackie wear her Old Navy utility vest (we have the same one. Actually everyone has this one!) with a striped shirt I was totally in love. Except I don't have a striped shirt like that. I thought I did; but I gave it away to Goodwill. I subbed in this purple and white striped shirt that I got on sale. Error # 2: my laundry wasn't clean so my pants choices were flared jeans or no pants. I chose the flares. I can't decide if I'm happy with them or not. So I ended up with this outfit because I didn't think it through when I imagined putting it together. An outfit form errors.

My long necklace is an antique silver fork manipulated into an octopus! (Quadropus? Because it only has four arms? I don't care I love it.)

OH THIS PURSE! I've been searching for this bag since last fall. Kacie of Shy Girl Loud Voice had it and I was like, you need to be MINE! I looked every where! I finally posted it on The Hunt and found it on a high-end resale site. I was very happy with my purchase, they guarantee authenticity and quality. My bag has one tiny scratch but I bet you can't see it. :) I am one happy Ashleigh! This bag epitomizes my style. Classic, with a twist. I can dress it up or down, pair with bohemian clothes or work ensembles. It's roomier than it looks too!

Sunglasses: Dollar Tree (Yep. The Dollar Tree. I lose sunglasses too much to pay more than $1 for them!)
Tee: JC Penny
Vest: Old Navy (still in stores!)
Jeans: American Eagle (old)
Converse: Target
Bag: Kate Spade, Resale Shop (Can I say this is thrifted since it's used???)
Heart Necklace: Tiffany's
Nameplate Necklace: Loralei's Charms
Octo-fork Necklace: Sin City Antiques in Newport KY (Does this count as thrifted since it's an antique fork? I think so.)
Green Amethyst Bangle: Thrifted

Blog Bashing.

No fashion today, just thoughts. A fellow blogger friend tweeted about how she had found a blog bashing site and a thread about her blog (a blog I mightily enjoy,) and I was intrigued. So I googled "blog bashing sites" and found quite a few. Am I naive for not knowing about these sites?  

When I first considered making a blog I knew from reading other blogs that hate can happen in the forms of comments and emails and tweets, etc. I had no clue there were multiple entire websites devoted to hating everything every blogger everywhere writes or posts. Ironically, since these sites feature the thoughts of the writer, aren't they considered blogs too? Anyway. There's a hate site for EVERYTHING. I don't know why I'm surprised.
Unsurprisingly, I'm not on any of these (my blog is small) but I could be. You could be too. What does this mean for the blogger to be featured on one of these sites? To have a thread devoted to how much everyone hates them?
Absolutely nothing. It means nothing. 
There will always be hate. There will always be someone that disagrees with your life, your choices, hell, even your breakfast! 
You are a great person. You are more than words on a screen. You are more than your blog and more than someone else's thoughts on your blog.
I started my blog because I love fashion. I obsessively love fashion. I needed a community who felt like I did, because my friends and family do not get this side of me. They don't understand why I love fashion, and they really don't get my love of thrift stores. ( I love fashion and want way more than I can actually afford. Thrifting allows me to make my habit affordable.)
The blogging community on the whole is fantastic. We build each other up. Truly. It's beyond "You go, girl." and beyond "Oh, I love your shoes." I've seen the supportive, helpful, sweet comments on posts ranging from shoes to adoption to death to birth to mental health to physical health and back around to shoes. Is it really such a bad thing, for a human to reach out online and seek support? Do the haters have any idea what that support could mean to someone? 
OF COURSE THEY DO. That's why they have their blog-bashing blog! They feel about blogs/bloggers the way I feel about fashion. Probably with the same passion and fire, and they too, need a community where they feel accepted to vent about how much they hate blogging/bloggers.
I'm not an Earth Mama "Let's-all-get-along" Mary Poppins. The internet is a VERY big place though. We can all have our corner. Do I think tearing someone down is right? No. 
Do you know what I will do about it?
I will continue to read my favorite blogs and explore new ones. I will continue with my blog as long as I feel it is relevant. I WILL TEACH MY CHILDREN TO BE COMPASSIONATE, CARING INDIVIDUALS THAT DO NOT TEAR OTHERS DOWN. I WILL TEACH THEM TO BE OPEN, LOVING AND ACCEPTING. Then the world will have at least two more people that are a part of the solution, not the problem. And to the blog bashers, eventually I know you may read this. I will get made fun of for accepting you and your reasons for doing what you do and get called a hippie at best and be attacked on my appearance or my family or my friends at worst. So I say to you: You are more than words on a screen. You are more than your blogs, and more than someone else's thoughts (including mine) on your blog. One day I hope you will put aside the hate and do something constructive with all that time and energy. Till then, you can have your corner of the internet and I will not venture there, because I'm completely happy in mine.
To my blogging friends, I will see you around, on your blogs or mine.